Gary & Sharon Craig

Pauatahanui Reserve is simply a few bike peddle revolutions away from Silverwood residential subdivision, which suits Gary and Sharon Craig just fine.The two enjoy having a great cycle track close by. That’s just one of many reasons why living at Silverwood suits their lifestyle. It’s not difficult to enjoy a laid-back, outdoor- focused lifestyle when Silverwood is home base.

The Craigs have been sold on the greater Whitby area for eons. They have lived in Whitby for 27 years – long enough to know there is plenty to love; including the local cinema, café and life waterside. Moving far away was never an option and indeed, they found their new home solution right on their doorstep.

Ensconced in their lovely, new home, Gary and Sharon say they are going nowhere in a hurry. They have future proofed their new home so it will serve them for the next 20 years. But it’s not just about them – their home has been designed with various generations in mind. There is room for Gary and Sharon’s three grown-up children who live at home, and the house is single level with wheelchair access for the children’s visiting grandparents. Everyone is happy at this Silverwood address.

Dave & Pui Shadwell

A twenty minute commute to the CBD for work is a small price to pay for living in this part of the world, David Shadwell says. He, wife Pui, and their primary-aged children were quick to see the value of the Silverwood subdivision. Their stunning home is the Epic Homes’ Flagship showhome; hence one of the first on the block. The Shadwells, who are originally from the United Kingdom, did plenty of research before purchasing. They were renting in Whitby – enjoying the local community, café and cinema – while looking for their dream home. Their research revealed they could get a lot more for their money at Silverwood than at other areas they considered. David also believes the value of their property will increase when the new motorway is completed, shaving a significant amount of time off the daily CBD commute.

But, it’s not all about money. They love being surrounded by fresh and new homes, wide streets, big open spaces and expansive views that offer a good taste of New Zealand’s natural beauty. No other subdivision left them feeling quite so good. Life in Silverwood, nestled in the hills above Pauatahanui, was well worth travelling to the other end of the world for.

Veronica Karashuilli

The compass was pointing in the right direction when the Karashuilli family went section hunting. Silverwood subdivision’s northerly aspect coupled with protection from southerly winds has left them agreeing with the old adage that home really is best. That was certainly the case once they added a Landmark home to their Silverwood site.

Veronica and her husband both work in the CBD. The commute is no issue (and once the new motorway is in place, the time spent travelling into town will reduce to about 15 minutes anyway). Besides, residential life closer to the city centre would never have offered them what they have secured for an affordable price at Silverwood.

Their four-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-living room house spans 230 square metres on a 866 square metre site.On top of all that, schooling passes the test and this young family has found a new past-time – exploring the multitude of walking tracks in Silverwood’s vicinity.

Umesh & Bhavana Patel

Umesh and Bhavana Patel’s children are in absolutely no hurry to leave home. Like their parents, the two – both university students – find that life in Silverwood subdivision suits them just fine. University is only a 20 minute train ride away, and home is new and spacious.

The Patel’s 280 square metre four-bedroom, two-bathroom home includes an office and utility room. Spacious yes, but that’s what Silverwood is about.

Unmesh was pleased the Silverwood subdivision included flat building sites. Getting the site ready for their design and build Epic home was an uncomplicated process. Also uncomplicated, he says, is travelling to work. The Patel’s own a business in Porirua and Silverwood is perfectly located to ensure a seamless commute to that part of the city.

Phil & Kellie Dyer

What’s to like about Silverwood? The beautiful expansive view, the serenity, the rural aspect, the good schooling, proximity to the charm of Whitby, the variety of lovely homes… So say Phil and Kellie Dyer, who are more than a little enthused about the subdivision they call home.

The Dyers, who have a G.J Gardener home (adapted to suit their requirements), also like the fact Silverwood is minus streets of similar-looking houses. The mix of housing adds to the subdivision’s individualistic nature. Phil and Kellie needed their home base to not only suit their immediate family of three, but also Phil’s dad. Silverwood’s large section sizes enabled them to build not only their own 280 square metre house but also a fully-attached, single-level flat for Phil’s Dad. He too has a deck from which to relax and enjoy the surrounding panorama. The Dyer’s site spans 970 square metres.

Phil works in Petone, Kellie in the CBD, and their son attends a school in Miramar. A home base in Silverwood is a good place for them all to launch from. It’s close enough to everywhere they want to go, they say. Although staying home at this address suits them just fine too.

Monique Pead

It’s the stuff fairy tales are made of – a dream house on a dream site. It has always been Monique Pead’s dream to build a house with beautiful views in a quiet location. The house was something she had planned in her head over many years. An architectural designer put those ideas on paper, and then one of her nephews took on the construction brief. In accordance with those ideas, views have been maximised and home has plenty of spill-over space with multiple living areas and big decks.

Monique shares her much-loved new home base with her teenage daughter and the family’s pooches – a powder puff louchen cross and a golden retriever. In fact, Monique found her Silverwood site when out walking the dogs one day.

Monique knows, and likes, the greater Whitby area and was keen to keep calling this part of Wellington home. She works in Mana, which in only a five minute drive away. In Silverwood Monique found what she wanted, where she wanted it.